July 16, 2024

If you are interested in learning how to do digital marketing but don’t have the budget to enroll in a full course, there are many opportunities for you to take a free course and learn all you need to know. Here are just a few options to get you started.

CareerFoundry’s Intro to Digital Marketing course

CareerFoundry’s Intro to Digital Marketing course is an ideal way for aspiring digital marketers to learn the basics. This five-day, self-paced course covers the fundamentals of digital marketing and provides a foundation for more advanced learning. It teaches students about the basics of SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing. There are plenty of hands-on exercises to help you practice and hone your skills. The curriculum also teaches you how to conduct successful marketing campaigns.

Unlike traditional classroom courses, CareerFoundry’s online courses are designed for flexible learning. Students can commit to as much or as little as they want to program. Depending on the course, they can finish in as little as seven months or as long as 10 months. They can complete the program full-time or part-time.

HubSpot Academy

If you’re a marketing professional looking to improve your skills, you may want to check out the HubSpot Academy. The academy’s free online training courses are designed to help you learn digital marketing and increase your business’s online presence.

The academy’s courses are available in different languages and include a plethora of learning materials. These include videos, study guides, and mini-quizzes. In addition to the traditional courses, you can also register for expert-level programs.

The HubSpot Academy’s certifications are well-respected in the digital marketing community. They’re free to obtain and provide a visible boost to your resume.

While you don’t need a certificate to learn how to use HubSpot, you can improve your career by getting one. The free courses at the academy cover a wide variety of topics, from social media to blogging to SEO.

Google Ads 101: Get More Customers with Search Marketing

Google Ads is a powerful advertising platform that offers businesses the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers. This means your business can gain more website traffic, phone calls, and sales. But before you jump in, it’s important to understand the nuances of this marketing tool.

First, let’s define what Google Ads is. It’s a paid advertising platform that enables users to create well-timed ads. In turn, advertisers pay Google for every click that a user makes.

Google Ads can be used to display advertisements on web pages within Google’s Display Network. The platform offers several campaign types, ranging from search to video. Some popular types include app campaigns, mobile ads, and text-based banners.

Another useful Google Ads feature is Google’s Analytics. This service tracks all of your web-traffic information, including clicks, impressions, and engagements. You can use this data to improve your marketing strategy.

CopyBlogger’s Internet Marketing for Smart People Course

CopyBlogger’s Internet Marketing for Smart People Course is an email based program that provides a comprehensive guide to creating a profitable online business. It includes 20 lessons delivered via email, downloadable eBooks, and action-oriented accountability exercises.

The course includes four important concepts: content marketing, marketing automation, direct response copywriting, and offline marketing. Using these pillars of content marketing, you will learn how to develop an effective plan to grow your online presence and turn visitors into paying customers.

In addition to the content, you’ll receive a weekly email on the latest trends and marketing strategies. This is a valuable resource for any online marketer.

One of the best things about CopyBlogger’s course is that you don’t have to be a master of SEO to understand the content and its benefits. You can get started right away, and you’ll be using some of the most sophisticated tools in no time.

Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate program

If you’re new to digital marketing, you can get certified through the Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate program. The program is a series of videos that teach digital marketing basics. It also covers a variety of topics, such as targeting, optimizing and reporting.

Candidates can earn a certification in either the Associate or Professional tracks. Each requires a passing score of 700 on proctored exams. There are several free practice tests online to help candidates prepare.

This is the exam that covers the fundamentals of Facebook advertising. You will answer 100 multiple choice questions and learn how to buy and optimize ads.

If you’re looking for a job in the advertising industry, this is a great way to show employers that you know how to use Facebook. Plus, the certification is valid for 24 months.

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