July 16, 2024

If you plan to travel overseas for business reasons, obtaining a business visa will allow you to stay temporarily and conduct necessary activities and transactions while there.

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Business permits

No matter whether your business operates online or from physical locations, obtaining the appropriate permits and licenses will help to ensure compliance with local rules – helping avoid fines, penalties or the possibility of closing down due to noncompliance.

Business permits can be obtained by applying to local governments with all of the appropriate forms and documentation, depending on your type of business, location and activities. Common types include building and construction permits, liquor licenses and health department permits.

Business permits and licenses are governed by various government bodies at local, state and federal levels. You may require multiple licenses before commencing operations – therefore it’s essential that you conduct due diligence prior to starting up a new enterprise.

Licensing and permit fees

No matter if you are starting or renewing an existing business, it’s essential that you understand which licenses and permits may be needed for each. Their requirements and fees depend on your industry, state and local government rules as well as your specific situation.

Your payment methods must also be accessible. Many cities and states provide online portals that enable payments.

If your city or state doesn’t provide online payment options, cash, check, credit/debit card and/or the e-account number printed on your bill are the main methods of payment available to you.

Washington state offers an all-in-one licensing site to make finding and applying for licenses easier, and also offers an “Business Express” tool with an easy checklist of steps you need to follow for approval.


Tax law distinguishes nonimmigrant visa holders into two groups for tax purposes: residents and nonresident aliens.

Business visitors who spend 183 or more days in a year in the United States are considered residents for federal income tax purposes, determined by adding all current year days, 1/3rd of prior year days, and 1/6th of second year days preceding calculation year.

Certain visitors and their employers fall under an exception for entry. Examples are:

G4: (Employee of an International Organization)

Employees of an international organization on G4 visas do not owe US income tax for services performed, provided compensation (income) comes from sources outside the scope of employment by that organization – wages, fees or salary in accordance with their contract with their employer.


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